Order of the Golden Circle, Prince Hall Affiliation

Thomas Scott Lyles Assembly No. 334 was established April 5, 1983. In the beginning there were thirty (30) ladies residing in the surrounding areas of Maryland expressed a strong desire to become the auxiliary body of James A. Mingo Consistory No. 334 in the Valley of Upper Marlboro.   The following names were submitted to James A. Mingo Consistory No. 334 to begin the process of considering their desire:

Beatrice H. Bennett

Mable A. Bratcher

Marshall S. Braxton

Ora E. Braxton

Edith M. Daley

Julia N. Gay

Betty M. Goode

Patricia A. Green

Don Y. Harvey

Brenda J. Henderson

Martha A. Hicks

Bertha Hutchins

Mary T. James

Shirley L. Jones

Christine Ivey Jowers

Jessie H. Marcus

Rozella E. McBurl

Doris Moore

Queen Juanita Murdock

Donna M. Pilcher

Shirley M. Price

Sylvia J. Sampson

Donna F. Silas

Shirley J. Skinner

Joyce H. Smith

Francine Thompson

Pearlie M. Thomas

Janet White

Through the diligent, untiring efforts of Joyce H. Smith, along with the constant pursuit and coordination of Gladys B. Lyles, Gladys W. Felton, Norma L. Barkley, GIG Edwin L. Scott, and Commander-In-Chief GIG William P. Thomas (James A. Mingo Consistory No. 334) their names were presented to SGIG John H. Jones, Jr. – Illustrious Deputy for the State and Orient of Maryland. The ladies was granted permission to form a Club while awaiting sanction from the United Supreme Council, 33º as well as the Willard W. Allen State Grand Assembly before becoming a Assembly.

            On April 5, 1983, twenty-nine Ladies traveled to Salisbury, Maryland where John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly No. 284 indoctrinated them into the Order of the Golden Circle. Originally there were thirty Ladies to make the journey but due to missed communications Sarah B. Kea was unable to make the trip. The journey began with the members of John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly No. 284 receiving the Ladies with open arms. They prepared a delicious meal as well as a after meal, the Ladies were initiated Loyal Ladies of the Golden Circle under the direction of Loyal Lady Ruler L. Genevieve Jones and Loyal Lady Associate Ruler Thelma M. Tanner of John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly No. 284. That night will forever be etched in the memories of those who were initiated. Who would ever believe that on the return trip home from Salisbury, Maryland just when the bus was barely off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge it broke down? As the driver worked on the bus, the Ladies sang songs and told jokes for entertainment. The Ladies angels of mercy that night was GIG Harold A. Ashley, Sr. who voluntarily informed the families of those riding on the bus about what had occurred, and a Maryland State Policeman who stayed with the bus all night. God was with the Assembly then and He is still with the Assembly as we speak.

            Loyal Lady Joyce H. Smith was elected Loyal Lady Ruler, and Loyal Lady Edith Daley was elected as Loyal Lady Associate Ruler. The Assembly’s meetings were held at St. Mary’s Beneficial Hall in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on the fourth Monday of each month.

            In the early years the Ladies of the Assembly traveled through Faith, Unity and Love with profound support, assistance, kindness, and understanding from the members of James A. Mingo Consistory No. 334, the members of Willard W. Allen State Grand Assembly, and John H. Jones, Jr.

Assembly No. 284 as well as from each other. Its goals were to continue to grow through peace and unity. They contributed to numerous charities attending many functions, sponsoring fund-raisers, assisting the needy, donating their time and finances in the community; attending worship services, supporting the Consistory’s functions, and constantly giving benevolence and service wherever the members traveled. Under the leadership of Illustrious Deputy for the State and Orient of Maryland SGIG Shelton D. Redden, and F. Victoria Hutt-Scott, the Assembly was the first to receive the Assembly of the Year Award, and Loyal Lady Ruler of the Year (Loyal Lady Patricia Green).