Western Maryland Consistory No. 270 was established June 7, 1952. Subsequently, the following Scottish Rite bodies were established in the city of Frederick: J. Russell Wallace Lodge of Perfection No. 270; Chester H. McKnight Chapter No. 270 Knights of Rose Croix and Thomas C. Hoy Council No. 270 Knight Kadosh. The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Willard W. Allen signed letters patent of perpetual Constitution to the following Brethren:

J. Russell Williams                  -           Illustrious Commander-in-Chief

Horace B. Hicks                       -           Illustrious 1st Lieutenant Commander

Robert D. Henderson              -           Illustrious 2nd Lieutenant Commander

Charles E. Henson                   -           Illustrious Minister of State and Grand Orator

Thomas C. Hoy                        -           Illustrious Grand Chancellor

Claud DeLaughter                   -           Ill. Grand Secretary and Keeper of the Seal and Archives

Frank W. Penn                         -           Illustrious Grand Treasurer

Walter C. Hollins                     -           Illustrious Prior

            Consistory meetings were held in the Pythian Castle, on West All Saints Street, in Frederick, Maryland, on an every other month schedule. In1972 Davis Vincent Hill, 32º was elected Ill. Commander-in-Chief and recommended the meetings to be held on a monthly schedule since. Meetings were held in the Pythian Castle until 1973. At that time, meetings were moved to the Community Center in the Key Housing Development, in the western section of Frederick, for three years. From 1976 until approximately 1986, meetings were held at the Elks Home on West All Saints Street. From approximately 1986, the Consistory chambers were opened in the Federated Charities Building located on South Market Street, Frederick, until 2002 when meetings were moved to James E. Stewart Lodge Temple in New Market.

             The membership remained relatively static between 35 – 40 members until the early and mid-1970s, when small but constant growth began which increased the membership to approximately 80 members. Current membership is: 44 Sublime Princes and 18 Grand Inspectors General.  During the years 1972 – 1974, a portion of each meeting was dedicated to instructions and lectures by the Illustrious Commander-in-Chief. Also, during this time frame, the three Subordinate Houses were established and named to honor three worthy fraters of Western Maryland Consistory No. 270:

            J. Russell Williams Lodge of Perfection

            Chester H. McKnight Chapter of the Rose Croix

            Thomas C. Hoy Council of Kadosh

Western Maryland Consistory has always maintained a working and fellowshipping relationship with its auxiliary; Frederick Valley Assembly No. 270, Order of the Golden Circle. Since the 1970s, a Ladies Night Out to entertain the Loyal Ladies has been a part of the Annual Program.


In the mid-1980s, the Consistory established an Annual Award Program with three awards:

Meritorious Award to be awarded to a Sublime Prince or Illustrious Peer who has made outstanding contributions to the operations of Western Maryland Consistory.

Community Services Award to be awarded to an individual who has made and/or is making significant contribution to their community.

Support of the Order Award awarded to recognize outstanding contributions to the Order (Freemasonry) by male or female members.

To preserve the integrity of the program, it was mandated by the Consistory, that every award would not automatically be awarded each year.


Following the untimely death of Past Commander-in-Chief William A. Tyler, Jr., Illustrious Commander-in-Chief Robert J. Naylor, Sr., initiated an effort to establish a Scholarship Program in honor of PCIC Williams in 1994. Over the past eleven years, annual scholarships in excess of $6,000 have been awarded to students living in the Western Maryland communities.


Western Maryland Consistory was recognized by the Maryland Council of Deliberation with its Commander-in-Chief of the Year Award in 1994, 1995, 1996, and 2001. Also, Western Maryland Consistory was recognized as Consistory of the Year in 1995, 1996, and 2001.

In 2001, under the leadership of Andre L. Atkinson and Loyal Lady Ruler Elizabeth Evans, Frederick Valley Assembly No, 270, Order of the Golden Circle, the Community Services Award Banquet was renamed “The Black and White Banquet.”