Order of the Golden Circle, Prince Hall Affiliation

            Frederick Valley Assembly No. 270 Order of the Golden Circle was organized in November 1956 as the second oldest Assembly in Maryland. It serves the Western Maryland area of the state of Maryland. Its membership is not as large as that of Queen Esther Assembly No. 1 of Baltimore Maryland but its successors, laborers, and achievement over the years have been worthy of note and commendation. It has been active in its fraternal activities and has indeed been a great force throughout the Western Maryland community in spreading the cement of human relations and working together for the common good of all. The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Willard W. Allen signed letters patent of perpetual Constitution to the following Loyal Ladies:

Margaret Brown                     -           Loyal Lady Ruler

Wilhelmenia Smith                 -           Loyal Lady Associate Ruler

Minelva Thompson                 -           Loyal Lady Priestess

            We continually assess both the organization and ourselves. Asking the questions, are we really who we say we are, and what are we doing for our community? Are we satisfied with coming to our meetings in crowns and white dresses, and the community knowing nothing of us. Only to see us monthly going in and coming out with our hat boxes and pieces of paper. Our answer is always a resounding, No! We, at Frederick Valley Assembly No 270, are always at work. Our Loyal Ladies are spending numerous hours volunteering in schools, churches, nursing homes, senior centers, and serving on various boards of local and state government. We make monetary donations to churches toward their scholarship funds. Assisting families with food baskets, and supporting every concordant body under the umbrella of Freemasonry. We continue to deliver school supplies to the Maryland Sheriff’s Youth Ranch and purchase Christmas gifts for several of the boys to help make their Christmas a better one. God has blessed us! We have made history in this organization. For five consecutive years (1993 – 1997) we received the honor of being named Assembly of the Year in the Maryland Jurisdiction: once under the leadership of Mary Bruce Ganges (1993) twice under the leadership of Elizabeth Marie Naylor (1994-1995) and twice under the leadership of Faye H. Williams (1996-1997). After a two year hiatus, Frederick Valley Assembly No 270 once again received this prestigious recognition in (1999) under the leadership of Barbara J. Sims, who also captured the Queen of the Year. Two years later Elizabeth Evans captured the Queen of the Year, and the next year (2002) under her leadership Frederick Valley Assembly was recognized as Assembly of the year as well as Queen of the year, we did not stop there, under the leadership of Gloria Millberry we captured the Assembly and Queen of the Year again in (2003). Not only has our Order received recognition for Assembly of the Year, but in 1994 and 1995 Elizabeth Marie Naylor was named Loyal Lady Ruler of the Year, and in 1996 and 1997 Fay H. Williams was the Loyal Lady Ruler of the Year. In 1999, Barbara Sims achieved this honor. They could not have achieved this recognition without the help of the Assembly and he community. Also worthy to note is Mary Bruce Ganges whom was the Queen of the Willard W. Allen State Grand Assembly in 1993, followed by Elizabeth Marie Naylor in 1994 and 1995. The year 2000 brought us the crown again when Barbara J. Sims was named the Queen of the Willard W. Allen State Grand Assembly. We are very proud of Barbara J. Sims, and all she has done for the Assembly, the Consistory and surrounding communities of Maryland. Under the leadership of Mary Ganges, Frederick Valley Assembly No 270 contributed $1,000.00 in scholarships to deserving students at First Missionary Baptist Church and Mount Calvary Baptist Church over a five year period. During Elizabeth Marie Naylor’s leadership, we contributed emergency overnight kits to the Heartily House, and socks and school supplies to the youth at the Maryland Sheriff’s Youth Ranch. Fay Williams continued her outreach with the Maryland Sheriff’s Youth Ranch by donating school supplies and Christmas gifts for the youth. Barbara J. Sims continued with the Youth Ranch, and we’ve adopted them as our main outreach project. As such, youth leadership from the Youth Ranch has attended our annual anniversary celebration where we make a public presentation to the youth. Elizabeth T. Evans participated along with Western Maryland Consistory No 270 in hosting the 1st Annual Black and White Banquet in Hagerstown, Maryland. This affair was largely attended by the members of Frederick Valley Assembly No. 270. Charlesetta Curvey received the Support of the Order Award from Western Maryland Consistory No. 270 at this banquet. Others who have received the Support of the Order Award for the works they are doing are Elizabeth Marie Naylor (1996), Fay Williams (1999) and Barbara J. Sims in (2000). Each year we consider it our privilege to prepare and serve the Maundy Thursday Feast and attend Easter Sunrise Services with our Consistory. In fact, for the past several years, we’ve planned joint funding raising vacations. We’ve been to Las Vegas, Nevada; Cancun, Mexico; and the Caribbean. We are an organization that helps each other and the communities in which we live. Won’t you tell us how we can help you?