Order of the Golden Circle, Prince Hall Affiliation

On December 6, 1966 a group of 17 ladies traveled from the Eastern shore to the Willard W. Allen Masonic Temple; 1307 Eutaw Place Baltimore, MD to become the third organized Order of the Golden Circle Assembly.

The initiation was performed by Queen Esther Assembly No. 1 of Baltimore, Maryland and controlled by the Deputy of the State of Maryland; John H. Jones, Jr. for whom the Assembly was named. On January 3, 1967 the first meeting was held at the Lamach Lodge Hall; Salisbury, MD by the first Loyal Lady Ruler Bessie B. Wells. The meetings were held in that building for approximately five years. With the activities held they we were able to purchase must needed paraphernalia, with the exception of the alter cover which was donated by Illustrious Deputy John H. Jones, Jr.

In 1971 John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly No. 284 moved to a new meeting on Church Street; Salisbury, MD which joins the Scottish Rite Temple purchased by King David Consistory No. 284. Under the administration of several Loyal Lady Rulers, renovations began to make it an attractive meeting room. It is the policy of the Assembly to donate to various charities. A short social follows each meeting in order to bring about a better human relationship. Church visitations; Easter Sunrise service; and banquets have been well attended by the John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly in support of King David Consistory No. 284.

From 1972 through 1974 John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly donated a sizable amount to King David Consistory No. 284 for he purpose of using as they see fit to maintain the Scottish Rite Temple; Salisbury, MD. The establishment of a Sickness and Distress Fund now called a Sinking Fund that would enable the organization to come to the rescue of any needed Loyal Lady.

On Saturday, June 28, 1975 John H. Jones, Jr. Assembly No. 284 traveled to Williamsburg, West Virginia for the purpose of organizing a Order of the Golden Circle. This initiation was beautifully performed by Loyal Lady Ruler Genevieve W. Jones and other officers attended by several members of the Assembly, the State Grand Loyal Lady Ruler Norma Lee Barkley, along with other State Grand Officers. It is the desire of our Assembly to grow gracefully, be a helpful and a beneficial influence to women of all branches of Freemasonry.