King David Consistory No. 284 was established February 24, 1955. Subsequently, the following Scottish Rite bodies were established in the city of Salisbury: Willard W. Allen Lodge of Perfection No. 284; E. Jerry Williams Chapter No. 284 Knights of Rose Croix and Thornton B. Jolley Council No. 284 Knight Kadosh. The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Willard W. Allen signed letters patent of perpetual Constitution to the following Brethren:

E. Jerry Williams                     -           Illustrious Commander-in-Chief

Benjamin F. Waters                -           Illustrious 1st Lieutenant Commander

Linwood Dobson                      -           Illustrious 2nd Lieutenant Commander

Edward Dickerson                   -           Illustrious Minister of State and Grand Orator

James C. Waters                     -           Illustrious Grand Chancellor

Rodger D. Gunby                     -           Ill. Grand Secretary and Keeper of the Seal and Archives

James B. DeShields                 -           Illustrious Grand Treasurer

Samuel S. Henry                      -           Illustrious Prior