Samuel Thorton Daniels Sr.  
Council of Deliberation – Prince Hall Affiliation 

The Council of Deliberation is the Statewide Organization of the Bodies in all of the Valleys of that State which meets annually with the Deputy of the State as the Presiding Officer. It consists of the Active, Emeritus, Past Active, and Honorary members of the Supreme Council in each state; the Past Commanders-in-Chief of Consistories, the first three officers in the Consistories, Councils of Kadosh, Chapters of Rose Croix, and the first four officers in the Lodge of Perfection. This Council of Deliberation has within its state such legislative and judicial power not exercised by the Supreme Council itself. 

The Council of Deliberation shall elect the following officers to hold office until their successors have been duly elected and installed: 
1. Illustrious First Lieutenant Commander 
2. Illustrious Second Lieutenant Commander 
3. Illustrious Grand Chancellor 
4. Illustrious Grand Minister of State and Grand Orator 
5. Illustrious Grand Treasurer 
6. Illustrious Grand Secretary 
7. Illustrious Grand Prior 
8. Illustrious Grand Hospitaler 
9. Illustrious Grand Master of Ceremonies 
10. Illustrious Grand Standard Bearer 
11. Illustrious Grand Engineer and Architect 
12. Illustrious Grand Captain of the Guard 
13. Illustrious Grand Sentinel


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