Chapter of Rose Croix 15°-18°
(Historical, or Second Temple Degrees) 

15°   KNIGHT OF THE EAST OR SWORD Relates to the Babylonian captivity, the release and return of the captives to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Second Temple under authority given by King Cyrus. Its lesson teaches fidelity to conviction. 

16°  PRINCE OF JERUSALEM A continuation of the preceding degree representing the trials of the workers in the re- building of the Temple, and of their final success, aided by King Darius. Zerubbabel ordered that the men should work with the sword in one hand and a trowel in the other. The theme of this degree is the majesty of Truth. (Philosophical, or Spiritual Temple Degrees) 

17°  NIGHT OF THE EAST AND WEST The word is again lost and, figuratively, the Third Temple or Spiritual Temple-in the heart of man-is to be built and dedicated to the God of Truth. This degree is an introduction to the 18°. 

18°  KNIGHT OF THE ROSE CROIX The novice is still in search of the Truth and the lost Word and, in his journeys through the years, he learns the three virtues, which are to guide him: Faith, Hope and Charity, and he is taught the meaning of the New Law.


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