Consistory 31°-32°

31°  GRAND INSPECTOR INQUISITOR COMMANDER The practical test of the neophyte in the preceding degree is, in this one, changed to a thorough examination under charges against Masonic law and duty before the Order of the Five Brethren. Wise sayings of sages and lawgivers are quoted for instruction. It teaches the administration of impartial justice with firmness, but ever remembering the frailty and imperfection of human nature, and to pardon and forgive while there yet remains hope of reformation. 

32°  SUBLIME PRINCE OF THE ROYAL SECRET The degree was originally a Christian degree of Knighthood. Its object was, for a long time, to reconquer the Holy Land and plant the Banner of the Cross once more on the ruined walls of Jerusalem. It teaches that Masons should be diligent in their war against the ancient enemies of the human race-that they should be lovers of Wisdom and apostles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.


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