Lodge of Perfection 4°-14°
(Ineffable Degrees) 

4º    SECRET MASTER This pertains to King Solomon's Temple and the appointment of seven of the most worthy and expert Master Masons as special guardians of the Sanctum Sanctorum and of the sacred furniture. Secrecy, Silence, and Fidelity are taught in this degree. 

5º   PERFECT MASTER Commemorates the death of GMHA and teaches that we should learn to pay due respect to the memory of a deceased worthy brother. 

6º   INTIMATE SECRETARY King Solomon saves the life of a supposed spy, or eavesdropper. The degree teaches zealousness, faithfulness, and that we should ever be careful not to offend a brother by prying into his secrets, and that "a soft answer turned away wrath." 

7º   PROVOST AND JUDGE In accordance with the legend of this degree, King Solomon found it necessary to appoint several judges upon the death of the slain Grand Master in order that justice might be administered among the workmen of the Temple. The degree teaches Justice, Equity, and Impartiality, that Justice should be administered with mercy.

8°   INTENDANT OF THE BUILDING The construction of the Temple having been stayed due to the death of the Chief -Architect, King Solomon appointed five superintendents--one for each of the Five Department of Architecture. Under their supervision the building progressed. The degree teaches the exercise and propagation of Charity and Benevolence, educating the orphan, comforting the sick and distressed. 

9°   MASTER ELECT OF NINE Solomon elects nine to investigate so that the offenders may be brought to justice. The purpose of the degree is to inculcate and illustrate the lesson that we should be careful in not allowing ourselves to be led astray by an excess of zeal, even in a good cause, nor to take matters in our own hands to inflict punishment, even justly due, for the violation of human or divine laws. 

10°  MASTER ELECT OF FIFTEEN A continuation in the series and recounts in detail the mode of the arrest and punishment of the remaining assassins. It reminds us that the unerring eye of Justice will discover the guilty and mete just punishment. Morally, it instructs us that ambition and fanaticism are overthrown and dispelled by the sword of Justice and Freedom. 

11°  SUBLIME MASTER ELECTED The degree emblematically illustrates the reward conferred by King Solomon upon twelve of the Masters Elect of Fifteen who were instrumental in bringing to justice the assassins of the Master Builder, constituting them Governors over the twelve tribes of Israel. The degree instructs that the true and faithful brother will, sooner or later, receive his just reward and teaches us to be Earnest, Honest, and Sincere. 

12°  GRAND MASTER ARCHITECT This degree is alleged to have been established as a school of instruction for the workmen of the Temple, to assure uniformity in work, and to reward those eminent in science and skill. The rulers of architecture and the connection of the liberal arts and sciences are amplified. The degree teaches that Virtue is as necessary as Talent. 

13°  MASTER OF THE NINTH ARCH This degree forms the climax of the Ineffable Degrees; it is the keystone of the arch and discovers that which is revealed in the succeeding degree of Perfection.

14°  GRAND, ELECT, PERFECT AND SUBLIME MASON The lodge represents the Secret Vault under the Sanctum Sanctorurn in which is the ...Pillar of Beauty, and on this is placed the Holy four-letter Name. This degree reveals and explains the Tetragramrnaton. The degree teaches that when one has properly consecrated his life-mind and heart-for final preparation, that reward is achieved on the "completion of the Temple."


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